Doepak (Dupák) is the Dutch-language Puppetry Museum Newsletter ('Poppenspe(e)lmuseumkruimelkrant'), an educational
multicoloured leaflet full of interesting facts, things to do, and illustrations of puppet theatre. The Puppetry Museum
('Kruimelkrantkrabbels') are an added extra, which often invite you to explore the Try it yourself?
activity. Some of the Dutch 'Kruimelkrantkrabbels' are also published in French, German and English
and are available in pdf format. It is also possible to subscribe to Doepak-by-post.

Dupákfiguur (Jan Klaassen). Illustratie: Hetty Paërl © (1994). Ontwerp stang- en trucpop: Anton Anderle, Slowakije (1993).
Collectie: Poppenspe(e)lmuseum.