Dutch version of this page.
Illustrations: Elsje Zwart.
Concept, realisation and text: Otto van der Mieden.
Spoken texts and sound clips: just click any speaker icon to start listening.
Film pop-up exhibition (Dutch spoken with English subtitles) Watch a video about the exhibition

Additional project information:
Pamphlet 159d (Exhibition: A look behind the puppet theatre. Seeing, hearing, feeling and exploring)
Pamflet 160e (Description: photograph by Erwin Olaf, text in English and Dutch)
Doepak 268e (Welcome/Welkom, texts in English and Dutch: traditional puppetry scenes and puppets)
Blind project (Flyer: texts and pictures)

No. 1 Logo of the Puppetry Museum
No. 2b Puppet theatre figures
No. 3b Title page Listen
No. 4b Themes Listen
No. 5 Peepshow. China
No. 6b Tableau de la troupe – Additional information
No. 7b Vitéz László. Hand puppet, Hungary Listen
No. 8b Mini pop-up exhibition – Props and objects Listen
No. 9b Guignol. Hand puppet, France Listen
No. 10b Logo – Collection
No. 11b Jan Klaassen (Mr Punch) with his club and Katrijn (Judy) with her carpet beater Listen
No. 12b Hand puppet theatre – The technique Listen
No. 13 Little boy using a chair for puppet theatre
No. 14b Old-Dutch puppet theatre – Jan Klaassen and Katrijn Listen
No. 15 Puppet booth with Jan Klaassen and his wife Katrijn
No. 16b Welcome - A visualy handicapped Jan Klaassen with dark glasses and a chubby baby
No. 17 Folk puppet theatre with five glove puppets and a stick puppet
No. 18b Pulcinella – Chicken, egg, baby, broom, and mount Vesuvius in the background Listen
No. 19 Pulcinella scene
No. 20b Just pull my strings (Jumping Jack) – Commedia dell’arte Listen
No. 21 Jumping Jacks representing Mr and Mrs Polichinelle (France)
No. 22b Wayang kulit – Epic stories with Semar and Petruk (Indonesia) Listen
No. 23 Dalang (puppeteer) with Semar
No. 24b Shadow play from Turkey – Karagöz and Hacivat Listen
No. 25 Karagöz and Hacivat
No. 26b Rod marionette theatre – Repertoire with paladins (Sicily, Italy) Listen
No. 27 Guappo (villain) and Orlando Furioso (Mad Orlando)
No. 28 Puppetry Museum's address details with hyperlinks
No. 29 Press release blind project
No. 30 Tactiele afbeeldingen/Tactile pictures
No. 31 Seeing, hearing, feeling and exploring
No. 32 Folder blind project NL Eng
No. 33 Welcome: folder blind project
No. 34 A look behind the scenes of puppet theatre
No. 35 A look behind the scenes of puppet theatre: puppet theatre characters
No. 36 Afbeeldingen blindenexpo. Pictures blind exhibition
No. 37 De kus van Katrijn. Katrijn's kiss
No. 38 Expoteksten/Exhibition texts. Blindenproject/Blind project
No. 39 Happy New Year with Pulcinella: braille
No. 40 Een kijkje/A look Tactile view Braille
No. 41 De kus van Katrijn. Katrijn's kiss Eng
No. 42 Announcement blindproject
No. 43 Bruikleenvergoeding blindenproject NL Eng
No. 44 Poppenspelfiguren/Puppet play figures. De kus van Katrijn/Katrijn's kiss.
No. 45 Welkom/Welcome braille met/with Pulcinella (Doepak 274e)
No. 46 TV Gelderland, feb. 2018 Watch
No. 47 Een mondgesnoerde paljas/A silenced buffoon. Braille, tactile view
No. 48 Publicaties/Documentation blindenproject/blind project
No. 49 Publieksonderzoek/Public survey expo POPMUS
No. 50 Katrijn's kiss: puppet play Watch
No. 51 Katrijn's kiss, tactile audio book Watch
No. 52 A look behind the scenes of puppet theatre. Films/Movies Watch
No. 53 Beste wensen/A Happy New Year: kleurplaat/Colouring picture
No. 54 Activities blind project
No. 55 Black book (Pamphlet 165d)
No. 56 Technical specifications exhibition and performance (Pamphlet 166e)
No. 57 De kus, De tút, The kiss, Der Schmatz: boek, book, Buch (Pamphlet 167e)
No. 58 Danke. Rainer Rilke: Das Lied des Blinden/I'm blind, all you out there
No. 59 Jan Klaassen & Katrijn: animation Watch
No. 60 Pictures blindproject insurance
No. 61 Project Aruba
No. 63 Amuseur public - Barrel organ act (Nl/Eng.)
No. 64 Barrel organ music - Luigi Boccherini Listen
No. 65 Touch-and-feel suit Amuseur public
No. 66 Two tactile mouths (Doepak 279e)
No. 67 Jan Klaassen and the crocodile. Colouring picture (Doepak 281e)
No. 68 Nine pictures
No. 69 Film: production tactile Pulcinella print edition Watch
No. 70 Face masks/Mondkapjes (Doepak 283e)
No. 71 Impressions exhibitions 2020 Watch
No. 72 Wayang and gamelan project for visually impaired
No. 73 Sweater: Jan Klaassen, club, crocodile (Doepak 287d)